Amazon Top Seller Long Range Thermal Night Vision Scope Infrared Binoculars For Hunting


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Bright Color

Product Description

Product Description


Image Resolution 640×480 pixels
Magnification 3.5-7 times





The Product is only the classic style retained in the appearance, which increases the texture of frosting.

The Product enable a new structure design, and durability stability is improved! This is easy to overlook and actually very important! It ensures that all kinds of adjustment of the hand feel, ensuring that the focal length of the focal lens is moving synchronously. The eye mask is deepened, and the impossible of black shadow appears in the field of observation.

The price of Product is the most competitive the 150-300 dollar product, and can be sold wholesale in small quantity.


The Product with a completely different optical design scheme, the coating level is improved, and the imaging style highlights bright, high transmittance and sharp imaging features!

Each Product has a very rigorous and comprehensive inspection and testing system to provide our customers with a high quality product before completion.


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