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Get your pet bunny’s here! These rabbits make great pets, and your kids will absolutely adore them. Schedule to pick your bunny’s here at 253 Apple Lane Burbank WA 99323 or we offer local delivery. To reserve your rabbit before they are gone call 509-942-9885 or email [email protected]

-We recommend getting two bunny’s so they have company.

-Calm, curious, friendly and easy to train. They can even be potty trained. The more you interact with them the better.

-Usually white with black spots but sometimes all white, black or grey. Golden streaks have been spotted also.

-Looks and acts like the English Spot Rabbit but we don’t know.

-May be male or female. Usually female. They are too young to properly sex. We recommend getting your rabbit fixed anyway to prevent cancer, inbreeding and spraying. Vaccinations are a good idea too.

-Usually, 4 to 8 weeks old but sometimes older.

-They need a cage or rabbit hutch and love their space but be careful because they are good at escaping and can be hard to catch. They can be trained to return to their hutch.

– They need Timothy hay and pellets always but a well-rounded diet with fruits and vegetables is best.

-Watch out for predators and don’t let your bunny get too hot or cold.

-These are not meat rabbits. We recommend a different breed.


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