Free Shipping Gas Robot Remote Control Electric Lawn Mower For Farm Garden Use With Snow Blower Thrower Plow


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Gas Lawn Mowers, Professional Mowers, Robotic Mowers, Cordless Lawn Mowers

Cutting Width

550MM, 800MM, 1000MM

Product Description

Product Description

Innovative Lawn Mowing Robot
Garden sawing the choice of agricultural irrigation brands
1. High quality motor: 7.5HP engine & 24V motor
2. Speed control: within 200 meters
3. Long-term work guarantee: working for 20 hours
4. Energy-saving & fuel-saving: fuel consumption 300-400 G/KW.H
5. Suitable for all kinds of difficult operation environment: wasteland, orchard, riverside, hill, etc.
6.Durable: 1 set machine = 15 persons

Product Name
Buy Electric Lawn Mower
Loncin, Kohler, Yamaha
Rated Power
7.5hp, 9.5hp, 16hp
net weight: 140kg, gross weight: 176kg
1000㎡/h, 2200㎡/h, 3000㎡/h
3 km/h, 6 km/h
One year

Mowing Efficiency 1000㎡/hour

Artificial land reclamation inefficient mowing? Better use, lets have a lawn mower

The lawn mower is equipped with manganese steel cutter heads and is driven by hybrid power. The remote control range is ≤200m. It can be operated remotely without following at any time. It reduces the labor intensity, noise and vibration of the staff, and reduces labor costs. It is suitable for forestry, grassland, roads, dams, etc. Applicable to multiple scenarios such agriculture and forestry, orchards, vegetables, greenhouses, farms, and ecological gardens!

Intelligent Remote Control System

Remote control works within 200 meters

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Super wear-resistant manganese steel flail-knife.
The maximum cutting width is 600 mm, cutting 20-150 mm

1.5kw high-power motor provides continuous power.

Machine pressed rare earth rotor steel sheet.

High quality track with engineering rubber.

Bold wires and steel push rod motor

Product Usage

Remote control intelligent lawn mower is mainly used in orchard, garden lawns, wasteland weeds, hillside, slopes, etc.; It can be equipped with snow plows, bulldozing shovel and other accessories to achieve more scene applications.


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