Jerusalem Artichoke/Apple Earth Plant (Seeds/Starts) HEAVY YIELDS


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Helianthus tuberosus – The Jerusalem Artichoke, also called sun root, sunchoke, wild sunflower, or earth apple is an extremely vigorous plant and a very healthy choice. Like a potato just much more productive the plant is tubular with edible roots and will produce a lot of food with the right conditions. The plant can grow up to 15′ feet tall with beautiful yellow flowers and makes for a great privacy barrier or for other garden fun. The plant is easy to grow and very resilient as it will grow and produce in almost any condition. They provide an endless food and seed supply and will produce sprouts every year no matter what (LIFETIME SUPPLY). A wise choice for emergency food preppers as they are very easy to grow and require very little care, water or sunlight to maintain (The more the better). A great plant to work the soil and destroy crabgrass and other weeds. PLANTING: Can be planted year-round. Best kept in the ground or in a cool dry area surrounded by dirt until your ready to eat them or when they sprout in spring. They can be planted 2″ to 6″ inches deep and at roughly 1′ foot apart all year round. Pack the dirt firmly around them so they don’t rot and be sure not to overwater! Watch out for pests. -When cared for and watered properly these plants can get the size of a small tree and have massive limbs that resemble the Jewish Candle (The Menorah)! -Largest strain on the market!


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